For all Donations for Whitehall Grocery please refer to for guidelines. Whitehall Grocery has established guidelines to follow when considering donations. Whitehall Grocery receives many requests, please understand we are not able to fulfill every donation. A two-week notice (14 days) before the event must be given to Whitehall Grocery in order for your request to be considered. This will ensure that Whitehall Grocery has enough time to review your request, mail out a gift card if your request is approved, and allow enough time to use the gift card to purchase groceries or supplies for your event. Donation Criteria
  • Phone calls are not accepted and messages will not be returned.
  • All requests must be made in writing.
  • Reply below or Email donation request on the organization’s letterhead to
  • Flyers are not considered as a request for a donation.
  • If you have a tax ID number for the organization, please provide with the request.
  • One donation per year, per organization
  • All donations will be in the form of a Whitehall Grocery’s gift card.

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